5 tips on how to resolve money issues with your lover

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It is January and often it is a difficult time of the year when it comes to money,

Or perhaps it is not just about January. The economy is tough and money becomes an issue between your lover and yourself.

Of course, money issues can end relationships. They often do.

But what do you do to resolve these disputes?

We have a few tips.

  1. Be the none ho starts the conversation
    Money is complicated. And leaving the issue festers just creates distrust and allows for your lover to assume a lot of things unsaid. It must be a conversation and not an argument. Listen with your eyes and not your emotions. Observe.
  2. Honesty is important
    Of course one should be honest at all times, but this is where it is most important. Explain what the situation is and if you are the one to resolve it, explain how it may or may not work. Lay all the cards on the table.
  3. Listen to the other side
    Especially if you are the man, you may feel that you are the solver of all things. No. Your lover is your partner and you need to make them feel that they are part of the solution. Acknowledge all feelings they have including embarrassment if the financial situation is a public fallout.
  4. Always know when to end the discussion
    If you a point where it cannot be resolved, it might be time to end the discussion. The last thing you want is to end up saying things you regret in the heat of the moment. That often happens when the situation is frustrating and the affected parties feel they are not being heard.
  5. Keep the line open
    After all this, be ready to pick up the discussion later, perhaps when there is better wisdom. You want to keep the relationship so it is important to keep referring to each other. Even more so if you are fixing the situation, you want to keep your partner updated at all times.

There are of course situations in which no resolution can be found and that is unfortunate. But trying is a fast start to getting places.

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