Diamond Platinumz acquires pet snake

By Agencies

Tanzania star Diamond Platinumz whose real name is Naseeb Abdul Juma has finally fulfilled his long desire of acquiring an exotic pet.

Taking to his social media, the celebrated singer introduced his pet snake named ‘Chichi’ in a short video where he is seen playing with it.

“Have been always excited to have my own snake as a pet ❤️🐍… guys meet my new Friend #Chichi.”

he wrote

Diamond is seemingly living the life of the famous rappers in the world with his new lifestyle and now joins the list of the few who at one point owned a pet snake including the late Michael Jackson, Willow Smith and his brother Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber among others.

While there are approximately 2,500 different species of snakes only a few species are commonly kept as pets including king snakes, rat snakes, garter snakes, corn snakes, various pythons (particularly ball pythons), and various boa constrictors (especially the common boa constrictor).

Most snakes sold as pets are easy to handle and are usually not aggressive. Ideally, only captive-bred animals should be sold as pets.

Most fans in the comment sections seemingly did not approve.

Here are a few comments;

@charlotteakankunda; “Thank you for clarifying about you being an Illuminati😂🤦”

@kasarani_finest”Watu sio wajinga banah hiyo ndio itaongeza your wealth na fame 😂”

@vyakulavyangu “Huyu kashaanza kumiliki na nyoka…Huu ushetani sasa”

@maulidwadi “Hii 2023 utatu vuruga sanaaaaaa Mpaka naogopa 😂😂”

@iamrodrigo128 “I don’t like your pet dude!😂😂😂”

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