Republicans party blames ‘selfish’ Zanu Pf, CCC squabbles for the economic meltdown

By Correspondent

 OPPOSITION Zimbabwe Republicans Front (ZRF) has blamed the ruling Zanu Pf and Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change for causing Zimbabwe’s economic collapse.

Addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Media Centre, Sunday, the party’s leader Fanuel Lisenga said had it not been for the tiff between the country’s main political parties, Zimbabweans would be living in much better standards.

“For decades, Zimbabwe’s economy has been ailing partly due to corruption by some selfish elements in ruling clique and components of old opposition in government and largely due to coercive measures which was a consequence  of a long standing squabble  and failure to poll properly between the two long time giants.

“The polls between Zanu PF and main MDC now Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) for decades never yielded positive outcome except exacerbation of suffering of the people,” he claimed.

Lisenga argued that both Zanu PF and CCC had failed and not fit to be voted into power come July elections.

“With Zanu PF and MDC now CCC, the general populace is stuck between a hard place and a hard rock. We republicans are fed up of such blame game because we prioritize lives of civilians.

“Our people may suffer for an eternity if we continue to have a contest of Zanu and CCC alone. Elections with these two alone plunges the nation into chaos because of their failure to accept each other,” he added.

The ZRF leader also accused some western countries of maintaining individual sanctions imposed against some senior Zanu PF officials accused of violating human rights in the country ‘despite reforms’.

Despite being relatively new, Lisenga predicted a landslide victory for his party in the forthcoming elections.

“Right now we have covered a lot of ground and we are almost 90 percent with our campaign work . We are going to field candidates throughout the country. We are going to shock everyone,” said Lisenga.

Reached for comment, CCC Bulawayo interim spokesperson Swithern Chirowodza threatened to sue ZRF for referring to his party as MDC.

“For the avoidance of doubt CCC is a new political formation which was formed last year after Supreme Court ruled the Douglas Mwonzora led MDC –T is the legal entity. We accepted that judgment and divorced from the MDC and the citizens formed CCC. Now, for people like Lisenga to continue deliberately and conveniently linking us with Mwonzora and his outfit that is unacceptable. We have got our reputation to protect and we will be forced to take corrective measures,” said Chirowodza.


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