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MALE DESPERATION: The recipe for chaotic immoral modern society.

By Desire Murire

Examination of moral sanity is required when a brand new product has the same price tag as a second-hand product to be precise with a pre-used or pre-owned product. It is now history that people used to see the delight in a brand new product.

While growing up, no kid wanted to enjoy holidays like Christmas or New Year with second-hand clothes everyone wanted brand new clothes despite the fact they could afford it or not. However, in this modern era, people now value second-hand clothes more than brand-new clothes not because they don’t afford brand new clothes but because they suffer from desperation syndrome.

Today’s men have tolerated stupidity to the extent that they buy anything in the market despite the fact that most goods they buy are damaged or inferior. It is a crisis which must be addressed for the betterment of the society. A lot of men have become the dumping sites for inferior goods, damaged goods, rejects, and consumed goods. Men no longer select brand-new products in the dating market but rather they take already consumed finished goods with zero value to offer to the consumer. This is how desperate most modern men are.

What boggles the mind of a sane man is that even the high-earning man who by default people expect to afford brand new products or to be too selective or picky also goes into the market buying inferior goods at the same price tag as brand new products. A lot of men, rich or poor no longer care about a woman’s past, how many men she slept with, how many abortions she did, how she appears as long she has honey pot and breasts it’s enough.90% of men out there don’t know their self-worth and when it becomes to women they appear desperate suffering from a scarcity mindset as if the woman they’ve met is the only woman in the world.

If she was a high-value feminine woman better but rather she will be more needy and clingy than a low-value woman with a body count twice or thrice her age. With no shame, the man will pay hefty amounts of lobola to a woman a lot of men smashed for free, not even for pizza or for lunch. And someone’s son who is desperate will pay 5000 USD, will do a white wedding to someone who no longer has nerves in her honey pot, someone who no longer feels anything and the desperate man will smile to have such a woman as a wife.

It is hilarious that these low-value women are so picky, they want a tall, dark, handsome, rich, fun, physically fit man despite themselves being fat, ugly, having high body count and more to that having toxic behaviour. If men were as picky and selective as women are a lot of women would die single and society would be a better place because immorality and promiscuity in women would have been the thing of the past by now.

A lot of girls in their prime age of 18 to 21, commonly known as the hoe phase do sleep around, date a lot of guys, and do bad things you can imagine with a rest-assured guarantee of marriage in the near future when she is finished. To many girls, marriage is a retirement plan, it’s a pension for them. It’s a settlement plan where they retire after getting tired sleeping around.

She knows there is a stupid high earning man who is both stupid and desperate and will pay hefty amounts for her as lobola, someone who will agree to a white wedding without negotiating. She knows there is a stupid man who doesn’t know his value and who stupidly says “Past is past “, and ” it’s not like I don’t have a past, we all have the past “. Some men marry women despite being told the ugly truth by the woman that I once aborted before, I slept with 30 men before they don’t give a damn because they’re desperate, they believe in the myth of ‘ people change ‘, ‘ don’t judge people using their past ‘. If people do change why some companies don’t hire people with criminal records, why do companies consider references of where you worked before if the past doesn’t matter? It is disheartening to me as a man to admit that a lot of men now are fools who just do things in life which are very costly to them in the long run.

Being desperate is very dangerous in all realms of life. When you’re desperate you fall for anything, you can do anything to make ends meet. Desperate men can marry a woman despite her ugly dating history they have no choice but to take the available rejects in the dating market. And after all is said and done one wonders why most men in marriages are raising kids who are not biologically theirs it all emanates from men marrying low-value women.

If she had the guts of sleeping with dozens of men before marriage what will stop her from cheating on you in marriage if she did taste different sausages from different butcheries what makes you think she’ll stick to one butcher in marriage?

Note, a lot of women don’t have mercy or do entertain broke men, they don’t entertain short men, they don’t even look at fat men but they expect men to ignore the same in them. Men should stop being desperate and have an abundance mindset.

Men must learn how to approach women so that they don’t eat rotten apples when fresh apples are available. Note, when you marry a girl who is tired of being smashed she’ll mock you for being stupid and for not knowing your self-worth. She’ll tell her friends how she married a clown, a docile clueless man who smiles at stupidity.

A man who can’t say the word NO is a man who can fall for anything. As they say, if you can’t stand for anything you fall for anything. The same applies to women, if you can’t stand for high-value women you’ll fall for low-value women.

Desire Murire writes in his capacity he can be contacted at: +263783747926
Gmail: desiremurire13@gmail.com

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