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Remembering Zimbabwe’s Election Violence: The Brutality of 27 June 2008

By Lloyd Takawira 

’27 June … Va Mugabe Mu Office … 100% total empowerment’ is the mantra that some shed tears upon+ hearing 

June 27, 2008, marks a dark chapter in Zimbabwe’s history, marred by violence, bloodshed, and political oppression. The brutal rerun of the election served to remind the world of the lengths to which Zanu-PF would go to maintain its hold on power. 

On 27 June 2008, Zimbabwe experienced a bloody and controversial day that will forever stain its history. Following a stalemate in the February elections, in which the late democratic icon Dr Morgan Tsvangirayi had defeated former  President Robert Mugabe who then went on to orchestrate a solo rerun, leading to widespread violence and atrocities. The horrifying events of days leading to the rerun, shed light on the brutalities inflicted upon the citizens and the subsequent formation of a Government of National Unity (GNU). It is essential to reflect upon this dark chapter that revealed the depths of political brutality and the impact it had on Zimbabwe’s political terrain even today.

The Violent Election Day:

As June 27, 2008, dawned upon Zimbabwe, fear, intimidation and violence against opposition supporters became the order of the day. Opposition supporters and activists were targeted, with many brutally assaulted or murdered for their political beliefs. Homes and businesses affiliated with the opposition were torched, instilling fear in the hearts of those brave enough to dissent against the oppressive leadership of Robert Mugabe.

Riot police, allegedly taking orders from Zanu-PF, further fueled the chaos by ruthlessly attacking opposition gatherings and rallies. The streets of Zimbabwe became battlegrounds, tearing families and communities apart, and causing deep physical and emotional wounds that still haunt survivors today.

To the international community 

As we remember this day, the international community SADC & AU must be reminded that  extreme violence unleashed during the June 27 elections garnered international attention and condemnation should never be allowed again. The world stood witness to the horrors inflicted upon innocent Zimbabweans who dared to challenge Mugabe’s regime. 

The Evil of Zanu-PF:

It is important to acknowledge the role of Zanu-PF in perpetrating these acts of violence during the 2008 elections. The ruling party, which had maintained its grip on power since Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980, resorted to brutality and intimidation to protect its position.

Political analyst Malcolm Ziki had this to say

 ‘Even today, Zanu-PF’s tactics are driven by an unrelenting desire to maintain control, even at the expense of the lives and human rights of its own citizens. Through various means, including state-sponsored violence, corruption, and suppression of free speech, Zanu-PF aimed to silence dissent and solidify its power. The events of 27 June 2008 serve as a stark reminder of the depths of their evil and the devastating consequences inflicted upon the people of Zimbabwe.

As we remember this tragic day, it is crucial to acknowledge the resilience of the Zimbabwean people who endured unimaginable hardships and violence. By shedding light on the events of 27 June 2008, we honor their struggles, reaffirm our commitment to justice, and strive for a future where democracy and human rights prevail over tyranny and violence.

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