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THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Why Women Are Attracted To Dangerous Men.

By Desire Murire

It is morally absurd and logically insane to claim that women are attracted to dangerous men given how the society negatively view dangerous men.

Althrough this negativity, as upholders and enforcers of morality, women in general always get confused why they’re attracted to men who are against societal norms and values.

Women are natural enforcers of morality in men, they inherently hate dangerous men. And when women say “ I want a nice guy who can treat me like a queen “ , they literally mean it, but the type of nice guy she would want is not someone who is already nice is someone she can tame from being a dangerous man to be a nice man.

There is thrill, funny, excitement, validation and heroine kind of achievement in a woman taming a dangerous man who is deemed by society as someone who is against societal norms and values. Women are like police officers and dangerous men are like criminals.

Police officers don’t find criminals attractive logically yet somehow they found themselves addicted with the thrill that comes with catching a dangerous criminal. This doesn’t necessarily mean police officers want criminals in moralistic sense, but in animalistic gives them some thrill to make culprits face the full wrath of the law.

The same can be said to women. Their obsession with dangerous men is not morally based, it’s biologically hard wired in them.

Dangerous men are AGGRESSIVE, NARCISSIST, STRONG, EXCITING and HONEST, traits which the pop psychology and the mainstream media term toxic masculinity. However, these are traits women find attractive in dangerous men subconsciously. They go for men with such traits not to validate them but to tame them.

Aggression is a signal of high testosterone in men. When a woman sees an aggressive man, subconsciously she senses high testosterone which is a male sexual hormone. When she fall for the man, she’ll fall for him thinking that she is there to get satisfaction sexually due to the high testosterone levels of the aggressive man yet unbeknown to her she’ll be taming the man to be moral by reducing his testosterone levels through sex.

The lower the level of testosterone the weaker and less aggressive a man becomes. When a beast is tamed, it becomes harmless, not aggressive because the source of aggression will be no more. So, when woman fails to empty the balls of a man, she risks not taming the man and this means she’ll stay attracted to the man.

No wonder why women who are in love with aggressive abusive behavior don’t leave the man despite acknowledging the fact that they’re literally abused. But, they’ll stay with the hope of assumption that he’ll change. Women hate failing taming a man to be someone moral in the face of the society. She wants to be thanked and honored by the society that she is the one who made him a “ real man “ as the society put it in defining a morally weak, soft, not aggressive man.

Consequently, the more aggressive a man becomes the more he becomes more attractive. His attraction will then gives him sexual variety among the women who will come to him trying to tone down his aggressiveness. If they won’t win, and if he doesn’t regulate his aggression then the end result will be the man finding himself in jail.

However, women will not cease to get attracted to such a man because they’ll want to suppress his aggression through lowering his high levels of testosterone.


Most dangerous men are selfish. They always put themselves first in everything they do and this is threatening to the women’s survival as by nature a woman is a parasite whose survival is heavily dependable of men. When a man is selfish especially with his resources and commitment in terms of relationship, he becomes a threat to the survival of women.

Men must become providers and protectors of women and children, these are natural patriarchal moral obligation duties of men. Where men cease to be providers and protectors of women and children, they leave society vulnerable to chaos and social unrest. So, wherever a woman meets a selfish centered man, she’ll render herself in return for protection and provision from the same man. This is the kind of a relationship which will be based on validation from the woman’s side.

On the other hand, if her attempt to secure protection and provision fails after she gave her body to the man on the silver platter, she’ll then give more and more of her body with the assumption of unlimited supply of protection and provision in the name of marriage.

Men who are narcissists are not marriage material, so a woman has to change that man first from a narcissist person to a generous person if not that man will never be a husband material. This is why women find themselves obsessed with narcissistic men.

Mostly, men who are dangerous are strong both physically and mentally. This is one of the best sort after masculine trait by women in men. Women are weak, soft, nice and tender by nature, it is that feminine nature of hers that requires the opposite for her survival to be guaranteed in the world which is dangerous.

A man who is strong is capable of protecting women and women are naturally vulnerable to danger. It is her vulnerability which makes her seek a dangerous man because her protection will be guaranteed unlike her dating or falling for a nice guy who is harmless.

Women feel comfortable and safe around dangerous men than around nice harmless men. A man who is not capable of fighting and violence is not attractive to women holding other factors constant.

His association with women means endangering their lives because he’ll never guarantee their safety if such a need may arise. That’s why evolutionarily, women always claim to be attracted to tall and muscular men, it all means she need someone who is capable of protecting her. The presence of a dangerous man makes her hooked to him because she wants comfort and safety.

Women are boring creatures by nature. Women are not that much funny. Of which, dangerous men, most of them are charismatic, witty, exciting, honest and funny. Women find men like these attractive than their nice guys counterparts because they’re not boring. Dangerous men are more action oriented, they’re honest with women, they’re not manipulators like nice guys.

Their honest is usually revealed in their straight talking and women find this more thrilling because it signal confidence in a man. Confidence is attractive to women, things like maintaining eye contact, touching, initiating sex are exciting to women.

Dangerous men’s ability to throw jokes, to be funny, to be not mean always excite women. Guys like the actors Reynolds and Tom Cruise are attractive to women because they’re dangerous funny exciting men.

It’s hard for a woman to resist such a man. However, nice guys are not funny there are always mean and moral which is a big turn off to women.

Women are capable of violence but it is not biologically hard wired in them to be violent. Their nature seeks comfort, safety, happiness, satisfaction and excitement.

While the nature of men seeks status, power, influence, and happiness. The former has to be beautiful, submissive, loyal, respective and listening to get what it seeks while the later has to be dangerous, strong, competitive, educated and smart.

In the movie “ I’M IN LOVE WITH A CHURCH GIRL “, Ja Rule’s dangerous beast nature as a gangster attracted a girl whose was moral God fearing beautiful woman. The girl successfully tamed Jah Rule in a man who later observed morals, repented and worshipped God.

Subject to this movie, it is many women’s purpose to fall for dangerous men with the intention of suppressing their evil nature and awaken goodness in them for the betterment of the society.

The obsession of women with dangerous men is necessary for the functionality of society because it makes less dangerous in terms of crime rates and other social ills which comes with dangerous men. The attraction between opposing poles produce positive results.

When positive charge and negative charge attach they produce energy which is beneficial however the attachment of negative charge and negative charge do brings chaos. When the beauty and the beast meet, what comes out is a something beneficial to the society.

Desire Murire writes in his personal capacity he can be contacted on: +263783747926
Gmail: desiremurire13@gmail.com

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